Memories of PMT 2013

Pioneer Missionary Training   Tim Hinds I am so thankful I could attend PMT 2013 in Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico. My son Colby attended this mission as well, making it an even more incredible and rewarding time for me. God poured out His blessings in so many ways while we were in Mexico. Coming home with […]

Meet our freelance writers

T. A. Huggins (“The Infant Model,” p. 21) is a retired science instructor. Her articles have appeared in The Gem, Gems of Truth, Evangel-IN, Light and Life, and other publications. T. A. has also published devotionals in Light from the Word and Secret Place. She lives in Danville, IN.   Marion Duckworth (“Going Green,” p. […]

Is it Okay to Perform Oaths in Court?

Please tell me your teaching in regard to performing oaths (swearing) as in court or on a notary form. Jesus said, “Do not swear at all . . .” (Matt. 5:34). Although this sounds like a universal prohibition against oaths, other texts apparently permit them in some cases. Jesus, for example, allowed Himself to be […]

What Does the Bible Say About Hypnosis?

What does the Bible say about hypnosis? The Bible speaks in general principles of righteous­ness. These principles are guides for us even when they don’t directly name an item under question. For example, we know that recreational drug use, like excessive drinking of alcohol, results in the decrease of clear reasoning and decision-making power. When […]