What’s New at the BAP?

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Local Church Directories

Changing technology here at the BAP means we can offer more products to our congregations. Have you thought about a directory for your local church, like the one pictured here? Because we’re not bound by the need to produce high-volume quantities to be cost effective, we can print any number of directories you need at a price per piece. And you can have a colorful record of your members and attendees! The process is easy. To learn more, click here.


For your convenience, download this PDF that contains all of the links below.





Check out these items available for sale online:

Volume 1 (The Vision) details the ten-point Vision of a Vibrant 21st Century Church, and Volume 2 (The Focus) is all about Jesus. In the final volume (The Mission) we learn how to follow His plan.

Transforming Vision into Reality – Full Year Books(Eng)

Transformando la Vision en Realidad – Full Year Books(Sp)

Also available: the four-part Ministry of Reconciliation Bible Study

The Ministry of Reconciliation(Eng)

El Ministerio de la Reconciliacion(Sp)

These forms are ready to be filled in by hand.  If you prefer to print the names, you can use a downloadable template.

Baptism and Dedication Certificates


The Bible Advocate Press now offers printed copies of Adult Bible studies from previous years.

Print-On-Demand Adult Bible Studies and Guides.

Print-On-Demand Adult Bible Studies and Guides En Español.


Bible Ideas For Kids (BIFK) is a new original series from the Bible Advocate Press that teaches children important biblical truths in a simple and fun way.

Bible Ideas for Kids