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Why Jesus Tells Us to Forgive Without Limit

I’m going to let you in on a secret: being a Christian leader is hard. You’re called to influence those around you for the sake of Christ? This is a tall order. Know what else is hard to do? Forgive. It’s hard because sometimes forgiveness is attached to confrontation. These situations are especially hard for […]

Why Confession is a Must for Christ-Followers

We’ve all heard the saying: Confession is good for the soul. One of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned as a Christian is how true this saying is. Confession is a source of great healing and freedom. All Christians, whether they have official titles or not, have been re-created by Jesus to lead in their […]

Por Qué la Confesión es Imprescindible para los Seguidores de Cristo

Todos hemos oído decir: La confesión es buena para el alma.  Una de las más poderosas lecciones que he aprendido como cristiano es cuán cierto es este dicho. La confesión es una fuente de gran sanidad y libertad. Todos los cristianos, sea que tengan títulos oficiales o no, han sido re-creados por Jesús para liderar […]

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10 Qualities of Influential Christians

All Christians have the capacity to influence the people around us to live in such a way that reflects Jesus’ heart for the world. It doesn’t matter how wide your circle of influence is – how many friends, kids, Facebook acquaintances, or twitter followers you have, how large your church or community is, or how many work […]

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Why Jesus-Followers Should See Themselves as Leaders

Every Christian is a leader because every Christian influences someone. It's not about titles, it's about intentionally pointing to Christ in daily life.