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business meeting etiquette

Business Meeting Etiquette

Reading Time: 5 minutesHow to Participate in General Conference Business Sessions with Respect and Confidence Prepare in Advance of the Meeting

Bible with glasses and pen

Church Administration: From Fluff to Function

Reading Time: 4 minutesAdministration. The sight of that word either makes you cringe or giddy with anticipation to get stuff done. Me? I…

church business meeting

El Negocio de la Adoración: Por qué la Administración de la Iglesia no es Aburrida

Reading Time: 5 minutes Pocas cosas valen la pena para embalar cuatro niños menores de 10 años en un vehículo y conducir 2,058…

church business meeting

The Business of Worship: Why Church Administration isn’t Boring

Reading Time: 5 minutesFew things are worth packing four children under the age of 10 into a vehicle and driving 2,058 miles across…