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11 Responses

  1. Isaac Hnamte
    Isaac Hnamte / 3-17-2019 / ·

    I still some old issues of BA in my home library. If you need, I can provide.

    1. Jason Overman
      Jason Overman / 4-22-2019 / ·

      Thanks, Isaac. We are looking for some old issues to complete our archive.
      Email me at and we can discuss.

  2. Daniel Morales Perez
    Daniel Morales Perez / 3-10-2019 / ·

    Don’t you send the BA to other countries as it was before?

    1. sherri
      sherri / 3-11-2019 / ·

      Beginning with the July-August 2018 issue, we are reducing the number of Bible Advocate magazines sent to foreign readers, except for those in regions that contribute financially. This is because of the high cost of postage to mail the BA to foreign countries. We encourage you to visit, where you can view the current and past issues. You can also download an issue in PDF, in either color or gray scale for printing.

      We’re sorry for this inconvenience but must be good stewards of the funds God has given us. Thank you for your understanding.

      Sherri Langton
      Associate Editor

  3. Emeka Ossia
    Emeka Ossia / 3-8-2019 / ·

    God will continually bless you for this great job.

  4. Craig White
    Craig White / 9-1-2018 / ·

    Will you be scanning and uploading other old editions of BA from 1900 or so onward and making them available here soon?

    1. Jason Overman
      Jason Overman / 9-4-2018 / ·

      Yes. It’s a slow process but archiving our full library back to 1863 is a major project we are committed too. I can’t say it will happen “soon” but watch for new additions to the digital archive monthly.

  5. Mawitea
    Mawitea / 9-2-2016 / ·

    I’m waiting for English version.

    1. Jason Overman
      Jason Overman / 9-6-2016 / ·

      Hi Mawitea, are you waiting to view the English version online? You can do so here: If you are still waiting for your English version via mail, please email for assistance. Blessings in Christ. Jason Overman

  6. Gabriel Odhura
    Gabriel Odhura / 6-6-2016 / ·

    Thanks so much for this wonderful magazine

    1. sherri
      sherri / 6-6-2016 / ·

      Thank you for writing — and reading!

      Sherri Langton

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