Is it true that only a few will be saved?

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The Bible says that narrow is the way, and only a few will find it. That’s pretty scary. Does it mean that out of millions of humans that ever lived, only a few will actually enter the kingdom?

The “few” that will be saved must be understood in comparison to the greater number who will refuse the way of salvation. More will choose the broad way of destruction than will go the narrow way to life eternal (Matt. 7:13, 14; Luke 13:23ff).

Even so, another place speaks of the “great multi­tude which no one could number” gathered around the throne of God to sing salvation’s song (Rev. 7:9).

If we know the gracious God through faith in Jesus Christ and confession (repentance) of our sins, we have no reason to be scared of the final judgment. The per­fect love of God casts out all our fears (1 John 4:14-18).

— Elder Calvin Burrell

Calvin Burrell
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Calvin Burrell is former editor of the Bible Advocate and former director of G. C. Missions. He retired in 2015 and lives with his wife, Barb, in Stayton, OR. They attend church in Marion, OR.