John Klassek

Seven Love Letters

Have you ever received a love letter — one that was honest? Probably not. Love letters usually express deep affection and extol the virtues of another. Jesus sent seven such letters to churches mentioned in Revelation. In them He made numerous observations, revealing honesty about His people’s spiritual condition and readiness for His return. Jesus’ […]

Fires Down Under

Another devastating fire season has come and gone in Australia, leaving in its path thousands of hectares of burnt-out landscape, houses turned to ash, 129 deaths, massive loss of livestock, and innumerable endemic animals gone. The very faint wisp of smoke on a 45 Celsius-degree day is enough to send panicked phone calls to emergency […]

A Call to Obedience

Is it possible to experience a church environment with singing, reading Scripture, preaching, and celebrating every Sabbath, without fully experiencing the lordship of Jesus Christ? “Really?” you say. “How could you not know the Lord Jesus?” Jesus on the sidelines isn’t so far-fetched! Did you know that happened in the first century? The church community […]

mountain with sunbeams

Kingdom Glory

The gospel message of the King and His reign.

Why Church? Part 1

Why “do church” — gathering every Sabbath for praise, prayer, preaching, and fellowship? It is a relevant question because many Christians go “solo,” preferring to stay perhaps at home (as opposed to attending weekly church fellowship) and utilize an abundance of online Christian content. Of course, there are all kinds of reasons for this. Some […]

Holy Spirit Formed

This we believe: The Holy Spirit is the promised divine helper who proceeds from the Father and Son. The Spirit is God’s presence and power in the world and indwells believers. By the Holy Spirit, God inspired and illuminates the Scriptures; convicts and regenerates sinners; sanctifies, teaches, comforts, guides, and preserves believers and empowers them […]

The Mystery of Glory

The wonder and mystery of the central gospel message — salvation in Christ — is conveyed throughout the pages of the Bible using six p’s: poetry, prophecy, prose, preaching, praise, and parable. While perusing Scripture, we may find ourselves wondering about that heavenly realm or dimension in which Jesus has, for the time being, returned. […]

Love: In Union with Christ

Is the hope for Jesus’ return close to your heart and mind as it was for first century disciples who believed that Jesus would return in their lifetime?