Jason Overman

Disciples Together

I feel a little like Apostle Paul on his third missionary journey, leaving Philippi after the Days of Unleavened Bread and hurrying to Jerusalem in hopes of arriving there by Pentecost (Acts 20:6-16). OK, so I said I only feel a little like Paul. Here at home it’s not been as exciting as in the […]


  Forgiveness Heaved by the seething lake, Rising with each rippling flex Of its restlessness, Then diving, Smashing into the next, I sweat my faith  Into this hearty yet unchartered boat.   Plodding through swell Upon raging swell, Lashed by spray, I glance at last Up from this blinding hell To see the craggy shore  […]

Baptism Through the Bible

The word baptism and its variants appear almost one hundred times in the New Testament, but never in the Old Testament. Something exceptional was happening on the sandy banks of the Jordan River in anticipation of the Messiah and His kingdom, something unique to the redemptive event of Jesus Christ, something that would remain a […]

“I Thirst!”

by Jason Overman He had plenty of water to make wine for a wedding, to wash the disciples’ feet (John 2:7; 13:5), but now there was none. There had been water enough for Pilate to wash guilty hands, but on the cross Innocence cried out, “I thirst!” (Matthew 27:24; John 19:28). Two heartrending, heart-healing words […]

“Who Do You Say I Am?”

If we are to be disciples, shouldn’t we begin by asking just who we will follow? Or more pointedly, who is our Master? At whose feet will we sit and learn? At whose command will we get up and follow, leaving behind our old life? Who will be the object of our love and loyalty, […]

Of Beasts and Men

We humans have an affinity with beasts. Little wonder, considering we both were made from the ground on the sixth day.

Necessary Transgressions

A shudder ran through the church the day the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage. Even for those of us who weren’t surprised by the decision, it came with a sense of foreboding — as if we had reached an end. If there was any doubt before, we are now most certainly living […]

The Blessed Day

    The week has passed. My work is done. Sun has set; Sabbath is here. I’m so ready.

Women of Witness

In the end of the sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week, came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to see the sepulchre (Matthew 28:1, KJV).


I have always wanted to fly. But I lack the wings. I envy the birds and bees and butterflies that take no thought for gravity. That fundamental force that grounds me is no obstacle for them. With delightful freedom they soar and dip and glide in spite of it.