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A Glimpse

I catch a glimpse of who I was —
who I used to be.

A stranger now, but still so close,
lurks inside of me.

The invisible God is changing me
into someone new.

When He began I cannot say;
I only know it’s true.

The stranger inside — my sinful self —
desires to rise again.

To her I must not cede control,
to live now as back then.

By the law I was condemned,
now in Christ stand free.

This new creation God has made
is all I desire to be.

Like a gentle comforter,
He gives me life anew.

His Spirit helps to live each day
obedient and true.

Linda L. Kruschke




Linda L. Kruschke
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Linda L. Kruschke is an award-winning writer who has published poetry and articles in The Christian Journal, iBelieve.com, WeToo.org, and other publications. She has also self-published four poetry books: Light in My Darkness: Poems of Hope for the Broken Hearted, Rejoice! Rejoice! Poems for the Holidays, Harness the Power of Your #MeToo Story: A Guideed Poetry Journal (digital only), and All Creation Sings (digital only). Linda lives in Lake Oswego, OR.