Sea Path

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Sea Path

(Exodus 14:15-16)


When the waters part

and the seabed becomes a footpath again,

it’s time to choose

between crossing over or staying put.

As always, the invitation offers freedom

from enslavement to the safe

while omitting details of the desert

that leads to the dangerously different.

We’ve passed through these walls of water

often enough to know

the promise is not a land

the desert is not a void

the journey is not an escape.

When we go where the Lord will lead

and leave what the Lord is done with,

the choice is always clear

and the movement is always forward.

Let’s go.


– Robert L. Kinast

Robert L. Kinast
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Robert L. Kinast, Ph.D. earned a doctorate in theology and has taught, published, and consulted in the field of practical theology. He has authored ten books, more than fifty articles, and scores of book reviews. In addition to his professional theological writing, Dr. Kinast is a poet and playwright whose work has been performed in Florida, Missouri, and New York. He lives in Sarasota, FL.