This Issue’s Authors

Robert Coulter (“Changing Concepts,” p. 8) is a past president of the General Conference of the CoG7 and of the North American Ministerial Council. He pastored numerous congregations, served as the district superintendent of three districts, and directed Missions Abroad for eighteen years. Robert grew up in the Church of God (Seventh Day) in the 1940s, in Parkersburg, West Virginia. From his youth he has had a keen interest in the affairs of the Church and joined its ministerial staff in 1955. He served 24 of those years as the board’s chairman and as president of the General Conference. In his retirement Robert wrote The Journey: A History of the Church of God (Seventh Day). He and his wife, Ida, reside in Northglenn, CO, and attend the Denver church.


Raised in the Worldwide Church of God, Sarah Andrews (“I Surrender All,” p. 10) now 
attends CoG7 in
 Spokane, WA, with
 her husband, three daughters, and several of her extended family.


Sherri Langton (“No Regrets,” p. 12) has been associate editor of the BA since July 1989. She lives in Denver, CO.


Lydia E. Harris (“Hand in Hand,” p. 14) has accumulated over 1,000 writing credits since 1998. Her articles have appeared in such publications as Clubhouse, Clubhouse Jr., LIVE, Mature Years, and Purpose. She has also contributed to 29 books, including Blessed Among Women, For Better, For Worse, The Power of Prayer, and Treasures of a Woman’s Heart. For the past 20 years Lydia has written “A Cup of Tea With Lydia,” a column published in 20 Country Register newspapers in the US and Canada, with about a half-million readers. She and her husband live in Lake Forest Park, WA.


R. Herbert (“Healthy Incompatibility,” p. 16) holds a Ph.D. in ancient Near Eastern languages, biblical studies, and archaeology. He served as an ordained minister and church pastor for a number of years. He writes for several Christian venues and for his websites at and, where you can also find his free e-books. R. Herbert is a pen name.


Bethany Waters (“The Reality of Marriage,” p. 17) lives in Winterville, NC. This is her first publication.


Amber Riggs (“Relationship-Fueled Leaders,” p. 18) is dean of administration for Artios Christian College. She lives near Eugene, OR with her husband, Bryan, and their four daughters.


Robert E. Thomson (“Living Upside Down,” p. 20) has had over 40 years of active ministry, including 15 years in editorial work. He is former editor-in-chief of Salvation Army publications in the US. Robert has more than 100 bylines in religious and secular periodicals, including The War Cry, Priority, Evangel, The Chicago Tribune, and The Saturday Evening Post. He lives in Clearwater, FL.


Gordon Feil (“Biblical Canonization,” p. 23) is a management and corporate finance consultant. He and his wife, Linza, have three grown children and live in Victoria, BC, Canada. He likes conversation and anything that facilitates it, such as walking, table games, travel, and dining. Gordon also likes solving problems in uninhibited, unabashed, and unconventional ways. Visit his general blog ( and theology blog ( to learn more about him.


Karen Foster (“Inside Job,” p. 24) writes for Christian publications, speaks to women’s groups, and serves as a jail chaplain for women inmates. Her passion is to share the satisfaction that only God can bring. Karen lives in Auburn, CA. Visit her website and blog at