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The Last Miracle

Unlike Jesus’ first miracle when, astonishingly, He changed many large jars of water into wine, or unlike some of the succeeding miracles and signs He performed before His followers, Jesus’ last miracle may seem small by comparison. Yet it is just as indicative of His nature as is any of the acts of compassion carried […]

A Memorial Service

As I reflect on the upcoming Lord’s Supper service, I wonder what Jesus was thinking the night of the first Lord’s Supper. How was He feeling, knowing that within a few hours, He would be betrayed by Judas, denied by Peter, abandoned, accused falsely, and crucified by those He came to save? In Luke 22:15 […]

What Did the Resurrection of Christ Accomplish?

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Article by Kenneth H. Freeman – Bible Advocate April, 1968 An old story worth repeating tells of a Mohammedan speaking to a Christian concerning the advantages of his religion over that of his companion: “On our way to Mecca to kiss the Black Stone, we can stop at Medina and visit the […]

Why We Love Lord’s Supper

Elder Morrow: When I began participating in Lord’s Supper as a teenager, it was something I did because I read in the Bible that I should. It was purely an act of obedience with little regard for significance. Sometime in young adult years, the meaning began to soak in. For me today, Lord’s Supper is […]

Lord’s Supper Memories

I have always considered the Lord’s Supper service to be a solemn occasion. It is a remembrance of the death of our Lord Jesus Christ by which we are saved. The bread we eat represents His broken body, and the cup of communion represents His blood poured out for our sins and those of the […]

He Makes Me Worthy

I have observed the Lord’s Supper/Passover for several decades, and it becomes more meaningful each year. For me, it is a solemn memorial service and a joyful rededication and relationship renewal with my brothers and sisters. Our Creator knew that we would need weekly and annual reminders to recommit our hearts and redirect our attention […]

Preparing for Supper

We have sat together at the Lord’s table and heard the old, old story of Jesus and His love forty-five times. As with the weekly Sabbath, preparation is the key to receiving the most from the service. We refresh our minds on the story of Jesus and His teachings by reading all four Gospel accounts […]

Muddy Feet

When I think about what the Lord’s Supper means to me, one in particular comes to mind. Many years ago, I worked at a Christian summer camp as a counselor. The week before the kids arrived, we worked diligently to prepare the camp for the entire summer. This particular summer, we finished early, so our […]

Body and Blood

It’s significant how appropriate the emblems of the bread and the wine are as representatives of our Lord’s broken body and spilt blood. Bread is a staple in our diets, the most important food staple grown in a region. How fitting that Jesus is the Bread of Life! Psalm 104:15 says that “bread . . […]

Precious Memories

Sandra: One of my greatest delights in our ministry was helping Ken prepare for the annual Lord’s Supper service: a fully candlelight service, lace tablecloth, the emblems, setting up for the feet washing, selecting special hymns to play for the prelude. Since it was conducted by candlelight, you knew as you entered the chapel there […]