Here Am I; Send Me

When I was 26 years old, I heard God’s call deep inside me to go and preach the gospel. The transforming power of Jesus Christ then led me to seek God more intimately.

Avoiding Holy Huddles

I was thrilled and nervous. At the Washington State Super Sabbath — the first for a long time — people from a variety of backgrounds and traditions (feast days, Pentecostal, etc.) attended, displaying the theme of unity. All of us together in fellowship — momentous!

Necessary Transgressions

A shudder ran through the church the day the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage. Even for those of us who weren’t surprised by the decision, it came with a sense of foreboding — as if we had reached an end. If there was any doubt before, we are now most certainly living […]

Closing a Chapter

The magazine you hold (or read online) completes my eighteenth year as its editor. My first issue was the September 1997 BA, following the editorial service of Elder Roy Marrs. From then until now, 147 separate issues of the magazine have been published and distributed, totaling 4,108 pages of print, pictures, and covers.

Heart Matters

The obsessive and exaggerated observance of church system and practice is common in the modern church. Nothing is wrong with proper church systems. But a temptation lurks in the excessive desire for orderly service and religious programming above the spiritual health of people.


  Early in Scripture, we are commanded to celebrate: “Thou shalt surely rejoice” (Deuteronomy 16:15). The instructions are clear. Israel achieved it with a “solemn” feast. Why didn’t someone tell us we can be solemnly happy?

What Were You Thinking, Lord?

After fifty years serving the Church, my wife and I were happily settled into retirement. The last nineteen years of pastoral ministry had taken us more than twelve hundred miles from children and grandchildren, but retirement brought us back to Denver, Colorado. What wonderful times we anticipated as we settled into our home. We were […]

Love: In Union with Christ

Is the hope for Jesus’ return close to your heart and mind as it was for first century disciples who believed that Jesus would return in their lifetime?

In One Accord

We called them “campmeetings,” and sometimes they were just that — with the main meetings in a big tent. For smaller groups, we went to the corners of the tent, or outside if weather permitted. We sat on folding chairs and were not always comfortable. We camped out in tents or small trailers. We loved […]

Choosing Godly Leaders

This summer brings change in leadership for many congregations and for our whole denomination. We are the ones selecting most of this change, for better or for worse.