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Psalm for Troubled Times

by Martha Rohrbaugh2014-5-dreamstime_m_8821802

More than mere songs of worship, the Psalms offer multilayered insight, promise, and prophecy to those who discern them. The 91st psalm, for example, is filled with promises for threatening situations. Many a soldier has drawn strength from these powerful lines while preparing for battle: Read More »

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Michtam Psalms

by Bill Simmon2014-5-dreamstime_m_40066684

The michtam psalms (16, 56, 57, 58, 59, and 60) are a beautiful set identified through wording like this: “Psalm 16: A Michtam of David.” Strong’s Concordance defines michtam as “an engraving, that is, (technically) a poem.Read More »

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Are You Happy?

by Calvin Burrell2014-5-dreamstime_m_193103

“I made up my mind to be happy today.” Read More »

Featured Article

Sons of Korah


Editor’s note: Who are the sons of Korah? In the Bible, they’re responsible for writing a number of the psalms. In Australia, they’re a band of musicians dedicated to giving a fresh voice to the Bible’s hymnbook, using a unique acoustic, multi-ethnic sound. Read More »