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Michtam Psalms

by Bill Simmon2014-5-dreamstime_m_40066684

The michtam psalms (16, 56, 57, 58, 59, and 60) are a beautiful set identified through wording like this: “Psalm 16: A Michtam of David.” Strong’s Concordance defines michtam as “an engraving, that is, (technically) a poem.Read More »

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Are You Happy?

by Calvin Burrell2014-5-dreamstime_m_193103

“I made up my mind to be happy today.” Read More »

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Sons of Korah


Editor’s note: Who are the sons of Korah? In the Bible, they’re responsible for writing a number of the psalms. In Australia, they’re a band of musicians dedicated to giving a fresh voice to the Bible’s hymnbook, using a unique acoustic, multi-ethnic sound. Read More »