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Heaven Is. . .

Are these popular ideas true or false?

by Calvin Burrell2014-6-dreamstime_m_25303762

To many Christians, few themes are more precious than heaven, a topic in which fact and fiction are easily confused. Try to identify truth or myth in these four statements. The comments that follow each are our effort to help in the process. Read the Bible for the final Word. Read More »

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Shedding Light on Outer Darkness

A fresh look at the language of hell.

by Kim Papaioannou2014-6-dreamstimefree_540547

The topic of hell has held a strange fascination for Christians through the centuries. And while one hears less about it today, all ecclesial bodies attempt to give some answer to the tantalizing question of what will happen to the wicked in the Day of Judgment. The majority view has been that hell consists of everlasting, excruciating torment. Read More »

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by Dirk Anderson2014-6-dreamstime_m_29334360

The woman spoke not a word; her actions said it all as she washed Jesus’ feet with her tears (Luke 7:38). But her tears were nothing compared to the torrent of love pouring from her heart. Her hands cradled an alabaster box of pure nard, worth a year’s wages — a gift of immense value, fit for a King. Read More »

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The Savvy Samaritan

Generous giving is among the highest virtues; wise giving secures its benefits.

by R. Herbert2014-6-dreamstime_m_24386111

As he came over the brow of the small hill he saw the beaten and bloodied man lying at the edge of the road. The Samaritan hurried to him and tended the man’s injuries as well as he could before carefully helping him onto the back of his mule and setting off for the nearby inn (Luke 10:25-37, paraphrased). Read More »